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Teaching and Tutoring

So, I’m back in good ol’ Chicago. This Fall I am teaching Physical Science at Harold Washington College. This weekend I am hosting a Python for Data Science workshop at General Assembly. I am also trying to set myself for my next gig in data science. Some people who secretly read this blog may have given me a loan to attend the Galvanize Data Science Immersive. If that’s you, thank you and I do not want to disappoint you! If not, thanks for reading this blog for whatever reason. Another thing I’m doing on the side is tutoring – which is like very short term consulting for education! So the common theme is that I’m teaching a bunch of stuff. And that it all has math and/or statistics in it – gotta love that stuff!

Consulting – Soft Launch!

I would like to announce a (very) soft launch of new services that I am offering for consulting. Take a look at my consulting page on this site for more info!

I am for hire! I am looking for new clients. Since I am the new kid in school, expect super competitive rates! I am familiar with data science and engineering type problems (sensors, energy, etc.), but would be open to anything that can be solved analytically! Let’s talk!


You or your company may have a problem that you do not having the time or expertise to look into yourselves. If that’s the case, maybe I could help!

Here’s a taste of services I would be very comfortable offering:

  • Estimate solar power and cost of solar panel installation on your building
  • Design wireless sensors for real-time measurements
  • An Internet of Things (IoT) application
  • Design a web or Android app for remote control
  • Design a part to be 3D printed
  • Design an Arduino or soldering class
  • Anything else! Possibly: image recognition, finding important variables, electronics analysis. Take a look at my about page for other services I may be able to provide and how to contact me.