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3D text attribute control in A-Frame

Here’s a 3D thing I made that changes the color of the text when its respective cube is selected – check it out! If you’re not familiar with A-Frame, it’s a javascript language built on top of three.js (which itself is an abstraction of WebGL) that lets you quickly create 3D scenes in HTML. It even supports VR mode so that you can view objects on a VR device – like Google Cardboard, Vive or Oculus. In the new master version of A-Frame, 0.5.0, you can add text like I did here and do stuff with it!

Teaching and Tutoring

So, I’m back in good ol’ Chicago. This Fall I am teaching Physical Science at Harold Washington College. This weekend I am hosting a Python for Data Science workshop at General Assembly. I am also trying to set myself for my next gig in data science. Some people who secretly read this blog may have given me a loan to attend the Galvanize Data Science Immersive. If that’s you, thank you and I do not want to disappoint you! If not, thanks for reading this blog for whatever reason. Another thing I’m doing on the side is tutoring – which is like very short term consulting for education! So the common theme is that I’m teaching a bunch of stuff. And that it all has math and/or statistics in it – gotta love that stuff!

WordPress Plugin Update

This is mainly for me when I update my plugins on this site, but the command line entry to update all of the WordPress plugins is: wp plugin update --all

And for updating the WordPress core: wp core update

And when those goofball bots start a-hackin’, this resets permissions: chmod 644 /home/public/wp-login.php

…And one more thing, [username_sitename] is where you can ssh into.