I am a data scientist with a PhD in physics specialized in solar (thin-film photovoltaics). I am interested in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, green technologies, EEG, BCI, cycling, Arduino, pedal power, drones, education, art and a bunch of other stuff. I like making and breaking things – but I like to net on making!

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Past, present, future. A lot of my projects are on Github. Some are not…yet. Here’s a project that I did to estimate solar power from satellite imagery.


A pdf or word version of my resume is available on request at scott [dot] alan [dot] little [at] gmail [dot] com. But here is a copy and pasted version:


Fellow, Galvanize Data Science Immersive (formerly Zipfian Academy), San Francisco, CA (2015):

  • A 12-week immersive data science program which culminated with a challenging capstone project: Predicting Solar Panel Power Output From Satellite Imagery (Github repository: scottlittle/SatelliteSolar)
  • Programming Skills: Object-Oriented Python, SQL, NLTK, BeautifulSoup, AWS (EC2/S3), Spark, MapReduce, data visualization and web apps
  • Machine Learning: Linear / Logistic Regression, Random Forests / Decision Trees, Boosting, SVM (Support Vector Machine), dimensionality reduction, KNN (K-Nearest Neighbors), K-means, PCA (Principal Component Analysis), NMF (Nonnegative Matrix Factorization), Recommender Systems

PhD, Physics (solar energy concentration), University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (2012) Thesis: “Enhancement of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells and Materials via the Incorporation of Silver.”

Master of Science, Physics, Ball State University, Muncie, IN (2007) Thesis: “Experimental and numerical studies of a new thermionic emitter structure based on oxide coated carbon nanotubes operating at large emission currents.”

Bachelor of Science, Engineering Physics, Taylor University, Upland, IN (2005)


Adjunct Professor, Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL (August 2014 — May 2015) Taught calculus-based physics and astronomy classes

Mentor, Nerdies Summer Camp, Fayetteville, AR (July 2014) Taught a class of children aged 8 – 12 how to program smartphones to fly a quadcopter drone

Research Engineer, Silicon Solar Solutions, Fayetteville, AR (June 2013 — July 2014) Co-invented the hydrogen selective emitter (HSE) technology to improve n-type Si solar cells (patent pending)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Electrical Eng. Dept., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR (May 2012 — May 2013) Researched Copper Indium Disulfide (CIS) nanocrystals via hot-injection and one-pot chemical methods

Research Assistant, PV Innovation Center, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (August 2007 — May 2012) Researched and characterized novel renewable energy materials for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) solar cell devices

Research Assistant, Physics Dept., Ball State University, Muncie, IN (August 2005 — May 2007) Discovered field-enhanced thermionic cooling effect from high-current carbon nanotube (CNT) cathodes



  • General Purpose: Python, Java, C++, Matlab, Mathematica
  • Machine Learning: Python libraries (sklearn, pandas, beautifulsoup, statsmodels, matplotlib), Spark, statsmodels
  • Web: Flask, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Database: SQLite, PostgresSQL, MongoDB

Electronics: Microcontrollers (Arduino, PIC, MSP430, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, TK1), Eagle PCB Design Computer Aided Design: AutoCAD, COMSOL, and SolidWorks

Publishing: 14 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals spanning topics in solar energy, thin-films, and nanotechnology

GitHub Repositories (username: scottlittle):

  • SatelliteSolar: Predict solar panel power output based on satellite imagery (Python)
  • nerdiesDroidsAndDrones: Fly a quadcopter drone with an Android phone (Java, C++)
  • pBoard: View a stereoscopic 3D image on a Google Cardboard device (Java)
  • BrainGoggles: Near-IR based brain computer interface (Java, C++)


Organizer, Brain Hacking Club, Pumping Station: One Makerspace, Chicago, IL (2014 — 2015)

Board member, Free Geek (computer and electronics recycler), Arkansas chapter, Fayetteville, AR (2014)

Vice-president, Materials Research Society (MRS), university chapter, Toledo, OH (2007 — 2011)

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