Monthly Archives: May 2015

Getting ready for Zipfian Academy!

In a couple of days, I’ll be leaving Chicago for San Francisco to attend a 12-week data science bootcamp. With any luck, I’ll blog about it here!

Update 5/28/2015 11:00am: I arrived in San Francisco Tuesday night. Today I get to meet the Zipfian Academy team! Yesterday I visited Galvanize and it looked pretty cool with a coffee shop on the first floor, but that’s about all I saw. I did see that they were hosting a Google event. I’m super excited to get started this Monday!

Update 5/28/2015 9:10pm: Today I had a meet-and-greet with fellow students and instructors – everybody was great! Galvanize is an awesome co-work space lined with many interesting startups. Still working on my precourse material (homework) but I expect to be done soon so that I can explore the city a little bit more before the course.